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subconscient ordnance survey

Here is another map like piece, providing a kind of ordnance survey of my subconscious at the time through personally resonant materials, marks and lines. The stains in the lower section were created with a syringe filled with tea.

Please click to zoom in and explore.


lost desert town


Happy new year. I’m looking forward to another year on WordPress.

Scraped paint, scribbled text, and the suggestion of map lines are combined with the outlined forms of the side of a toy house and a toy soldier alongside vestiges of sand in this piece. I wanted it to feel like a place buried in a dream.

“Welcome to the the desert of the real” to quote Morpheus from the Matrix or  Slavoj Žižek.

I’ve been building up a body of work of several pieces on grey wood and canvas in the past couple of months. Ambiguous imagery implies adventure and desolation playing around with the paint and lines.

The small photograph of buildings in a desert landscape in the centre was bought for 25p in a shop called Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton. I highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in the town.

90 x 60 cm

I’ve been working on this piece recently. I’ve been spending an hour or so at a time adding and obliterating parts of the composition. I haven’t completely decided if it’s finished. The photo was taken with a higher resolution camera than most of the others on my blog so please zoom in to see fine areas of detail like these:

I’m working on wooden panel, enjoying a resistant surface to sandpaper and hammer nails into.

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