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le mer et de l'air




This is a small recent piece which employs the pastel palette I have favoured lately. The bomber suggests threat. Holes could be for rivets or made by bullets. The fragility and transience of all existence is implicit.

Anything built can be destroyed.


This recent piece grew from the lunar crater image in the top left. Layers of acrylic and oil paint have been spilled and worn with sandpaper. A series of  holes were drilled into the surface. I’m enjoying the potency of fluorescent pink.


I’ve been working on this piece recently. I’ve been spending an hour or so at a time adding and obliterating parts of the composition. I haven’t completely decided if it’s finished. The photo was taken with a higher resolution camera than most of the others on my blog so please zoom in to see fine areas of detail like these:

I’m working on wooden panel, enjoying a resistant surface to sandpaper and hammer nails into.

This work was made with biro pen and pink crayon on canvas. The arrangement of marks resemble a mountain landscape with transmitters or swarms of hovering flies.

This piece has a highly reworked textured surface.


These two new works and several other of my pieces will be shown at the Cathedral Studios Pop-Up Gallery Members Show opening Thursday 14th June, 6-9pm. Exhibition continues until 10th July, Sinclair House Royal Avenue Belfast.

Please see for more examples of work that will be shown by other members of the studio group. Exhibition will be open Tuesday to Saturday 12-4pm and from 6 to 9 pm on Thursday nights.

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