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dark headland

This work explores similar territory to Shoreline, this time seeking to bring to mind the feel of a deserted beach as a pervasive darkness draws in. The scrim fishing nets are present again, beneath the cliff like shape on the left hand side. Raw pigment was glued to the canvas on the right hand area then manipulated and scraped with a fork and other implements.


headland detail


I wanted this work to echo the feel of a beach in winter. I employed a muted, faded colour palette. Scrim was glued to the surface and resembles fishing nets. The piece is an irregular shape, this also recalls pieces of flotsam and jetsam worn with time and tides.



I suppose this is a sister piece to Reconnaissance (

It was made shortly afterwards and exhibits a similar structure with the large city like shape in the top left connected to its satellites via delicate vein like lines. I have often worked like this, loosely copying pieces that I consider to be moderately interesting and formally balanced. The ‘copied’ piece rarely resembles the original in detail.

The snaking quote, referring to  “the problem of making people love their servitude” is from Aldous Huxley.

fault lines beneath ice

A piece from the same series as frozen landscape, brittle lines dissect the negative space and lead upwards to the dense city like cluster.



This piece is from a series made in 2004, again employing the tracing maps technique. I decided to upload it today as I was enjoying the delicate marks made by bicycle tyres on the frozen concrete as I carefully cycled to Belfast this morning. The title was inspired by the Red House Painters lyric “the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes” from the melancholic, sparse and beautiful song Have You forgotten.


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