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fault lines beneath ice

A piece from the same series as frozen landscape, brittle lines dissect the negative space and lead upwards to the dense city like cluster.



This is another recent work, this time on a canvas primed with sky blue paint. I traced and layered a map of Bangor (county Down) in the top left corner- this harks back to a technique I used for large scale works in my degree show in 2003.  Zoom in to study clues and drips.

I’ve been building up a body of work of several pieces on grey wood and canvas in the past couple of months. Ambiguous imagery implies adventure and desolation playing around with the paint and lines.

The small photograph of buildings in a desert landscape in the centre was bought for 25p in a shop called Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton. I highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in the town.

90 x 60 cm


I have been working on this piece in the past few weeks. Found images and diagrams interplay with various types of paint, felt tip and pencil on this wooden surface. Drips are welcome. Ruled and freehand lines and drill marks plot the composition.



I like the sign language hand signalling ‘bad.’ It is quite sinister coloured red.





Pencil and graphite on card. Some marks have been erased.


This is a pencil and graphite work from two years ago. Layers are added and erased. Some of the marks appear quite agressive.

3 black flags


Layers of freehand pencil, ruled lines and rubbed out marks.

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