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This is quite an old piece, from my art college days.  The composition is adapted from a photograph of the roof of a dilapidated building, exposed beams were silhouetted against grey skies. Layers of compressed charcoal and graphite were repeatedly worked to become dense, then the cross or crane like form was erased from the black.

The cross shape and the title are deliberately ambiguous and open to interpretation, like most of my work. Author and friend Dr Peter Rollins now owns the piece, I think he found it resonated with some of his thought.



Layers of compressed charcoal and washes were built up then erased into, working from a photograph of a burnt building.

The title is deliberately open to interpretation. The following passage is quoted from Dr Tim Wilson

“Going under (untergehen) is the decisive act of the philosopher or artist who must bring back whatever enlightenment he or she has achieved to those within the community who are ready to hear it.

For instance, each of the following, in their own way, go under: Plato’s philosopher-ruler, More’s Hythloday, Spenser’s Immerito, and Nietzsche’s Zarathustra.”

Pencil and graphite on card. Some marks have been erased.


This is a pencil and graphite work from two years ago. Layers are added and erased. Some of the marks appear quite agressive.

3 black flags


Layers of freehand pencil, ruled lines and rubbed out marks.

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