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fault lines beneath ice

A piece from the same series as frozen landscape, brittle lines dissect the negative space and lead upwards to the dense city like cluster.



This piece is from a series made in 2004, again employing the tracing maps technique. I decided to upload it today as I was enjoying the delicate marks made by bicycle tyres on the frozen concrete as I carefully cycled to Belfast this morning. The title was inspired by the Red House Painters lyric “the open drapes look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes” from the melancholic, sparse and beautiful song Have You forgotten.



This is another recent work, this time on a canvas primed with sky blue paint. I traced and layered a map of Bangor (county Down) in the top left corner- this harks back to a technique I used for large scale works in my degree show in 2003.  Zoom in to study clues and drips.

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