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IMG_2805 Crop

Blue Whale launched our long awaited album ‘Process’ at the Menagerie bar in Belfast on Friday the 9th of November. The drawing above was created for the event by working directly on to an old projector screen with a sharpie.

The cover is a visual metaphor for the collaborative, organic  approach we take to writing our music, Gavin Millar’s excellent long exposure photograph depicting the four band members engaged in creating a large scale drawing, wearing flowing brightly coloured capes.

BW Cover

You can find out more about the album and order the vinyl from here:

Here’s a short clip of the drawing under the excellent Menagerie light show:


I play drums in an explosive danceable experimental band called Blue Whale. Here is a link to our bandcamp where you can listen to 3 songs:

I’m posting information about the band on my WordPress blog because the music we play has affinities with my artistic practice. Collectively the band chose my work “Identity” for the bandcamp page. The music is fragmented, often dischordant with complex riffs underpinned by taught rhythms. Passages of light and shade tangle with noisy improvised sections. Vocals are minimal.

We played a free show in Cathedral studios Pop Up gallery recently. these photographs were kindly taken by by Peter Adam.




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