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triptych on woodchip


These 3 pieces were chosen and framed by Engine Room gallery curator Cliff Brooks. They started life as part of a larger piece that didn’t work, and I subsequently cut up. I am always amazed when  a large overworked piece can be cut down and arranged to good effect in this way.  The lines and shapes can suggest heavy industry.


the city lies in dust

Translates as “the city lies in dust.”  This is a large piece on wood currently on show as part of Cathedral Studios ten year anniversary exhibition at the Water front hall in Belfast. This image Contains a reworking of 3 Black Flags, an earlier piece. The exhibition runs until the 30th of August.




3 x 2 feet


compund at sea

A building or a brick perched in a puddle or a sea.

Glued pigment and paint distressed with sandpaper and scraped.

Sallow sun or moon high in the beige sky.

negative form


This relatively large scale piece was made on several pieces of packaging card that were joined with tape. The edges were deliberately ripped to fit with the worn and weather beaten feel I was trying to project around this time. The elongated ‘H’ like structure of the piece is influenced by the bold brushwork of Franz Kline and by decaying machinery of Belfast’s industrial past. Figures can be discerned in the ambiguous black shapes in the central band.

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